A detailed look at who I am and what I do.

Cloud Services

Stop buying expensive servers!
SAAS is the king of scalability

Business Intelligence

Understanding your business top down with Data Analytics

Systems Integration

Your systems must talk to each other before they can work together

WestLA Dev is my all pupose landing page for all my programming projects, career achievements, blog posts, and anything else that catches my interest. I even have a few subdomains that forward to cloud services. For example, I have an email relay to route emails at this domain to the provider of my choosing.

Between projects i like to do contract work or consult on technology architecture. Although currently full time work consumes most of my time, I love problem solving and exploring new tools.

Unfortunately most of my work is behind NDAs and proprietary secrecy. Does this mean I need to contribute to the open source community if I ever want my Github profile to look impressive? I hope to add more public projects soon.

For business inquiries or consulting questions email me directly at